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I/O Fund exists to serve retail investors with institutional level tech stock analysis in order for them to make informed investment decisions with conviction. We cherish our victories, recognize what it takes to maintain superiority in our industry, and look forward to continuous progress and further accomplishments. Read the full I/O Fund story below!

I/O Fund has outperformed some of the biggest players on Wall Street, time and time again.

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About I/O Fund

I/O Fund runs one of the highest performing tech-focused stock portfolios in the world. Our approach to tech stocks provides serious tech investors with premium services that will give them a competitive edge on growth tech stocks. 

In 2010, technology overtook oil as the world’s most valuable industry. I/O Fund offers you a team of analysts to help you navigate this complex yet rewarding sector. Although I/O Fund has only been in existence for two years, the team has outperformed Wall Street’s leading tech-focused Funds for three consecutive audit periods.

How I/O Fund is Making Institutional-Level Stock Analysis Accessible

I/O Fund’s Premium Membership is designed for investors who want to access the world’s leading sector, technology. Retail investors gain access to institutional-level stock analysis, exclusive fundamental and technical webinars, membership to a private investor forum, 24/7 access to a transparent portfolio of 30 positions, and real-time trade alerts, all starting as low as $65.00/month for individual investors. We offer an institutional-level membership at the low price of $7500.00/year.

The I/O Fund also publishes a free weekly tech stock analysis newsletter to a community of over 23,000+ stock investors who have seen gains of up to 1150% to date just from our FREE stocks analysis.

I/O Fund’s Mission

The I/O Fund believes investing should be accessible to everyone. Our company cares deeply about individual investors having access to the same quality of information as institutions -- especially in regard to the tech industry.

“Investing should be accessible to everyone.” – I/O Fund’s Company Mission

The team has gone to great strides to be open and forthright with periodic audits of their performance. This level of dedication and skillful performance in the market is rarely offered to Retail investors. 

What Does I/O Fund Mean? 

I/O stands for input-output and is used in all forms of computing, including hardware and software, and across programmable applications, memory, and I/O networks and virtualization, for example. I/O Fund specializes in tech stocks and we think the acronym I/O best represents our specialty. 

“I/O stands for input-output and is used in all forms of computing, including hardware and software, and across programmable applications, memory, and I/O networks and virtualization, for example.” – I/O Fund, Name Explained

Who Does I/O Fund Serve?

I/O Fund is not a fund that runs other people’s money at this time. Rather, we manage a portfolio and disclose every trade whether it’s an entry or an exit, give our allocations to each position, share whether we are trimming the position or adding to the position, and supply readers with in-depth broad market analysis. 

“I/O Fund is not a fund that runs other people’s money at this time, rather we are a Retail Fund that discloses every trade whether it’s an entry or an exit.” – I/O Fund's Level of Transparency 

We serve individual investors and Funds that are looking to access research on tech companies and products, and who want to understand how a small team that publishes on stocks is running their own money. We provide additional data points for investors to make their own decisions with their positions. We are not financial advisors. Stocks can lead to sudden losses and I/O Members are responsible for any trades they make. Terms and conditions apply. 

I/O Fund - Origin Story 

“Even with a small team, I/O Fund has Outperformed Wall Street’s Best Tech Funds.” – I/O Fund's Performance

We believe a dedicated team of professionals can do extraordinary things. With a small team, the I/O Fund has outperformed Wall Street’s best tech funds. You can view our comparison here. 

Our story is as unique as our research and approach. 

Experienced Tech Analyst Beth Kindig's Background

The Founder and Lead Tech Analyst, Beth Kindig, began investing in real estate at the age of 19. She grew a $50,000 cost basis of her own money to over $1,000,000 in real estate assets by the time she was 24 all while putting herself through school in Boulder, Colorado. She was deeply entrenched in the real estate business and real estate investing while pursuing a writing degree at Naropa University. She arrived in San Francisco in 2011 and put the two together: investing and writing/analysis. She was hired as a venture capital analyst and attended portfolio meetings on Sand Hill Road before launching a Kickstarter campaign for a media site that covered emerging technologies in the private markets.

The media site was called CitizenTekk, where Beth worked with over 400 startups on content and drove over 2 million page views. Time on site was three times longer than TechCrunch at 7 minutes as Beth oversaw content produced by some of the most innovative startups and leading thought leaders in Silicon Valley.

Two years later, Beth became what Silicon Valley calls a “developer evangelist” for B2B enterprise companies. Developer evangelists sit between engineering departments and sales departments to help communicate the importance of products to large audiences. Her articles and analysis of developer-led technologies were immediately featured in the press and she was asked to speak at large industry conferences to discuss her analysis with live audiences. She wrote many enterprise whitepapers on technologies such as data, security, encryption, internet of things, connected cars, digital rights management and over-the-top streaming, health tech, and finance tech. 

Key Distinctions Unique to I/O Fund Founder, Beth Kindig

What makes Beth unique is her broad exposure to tech products and startups. She is capable of working across many different verticals which is ideal compared to financial firms that assemble a team of analysts who specialize in only one field (e.g., media, cloud, consumer). She has successfully analyzed and translated thousands of tech products across her various roles, having to objectively report on technology for 10 years. Considering she began investing 20 years ago and has analyzed tech products for a decade since 2011 at the start of the tech growth market, she is a veteran in every sense of the word. The breadth of her experience is impossible to repeat or duplicate as she has worked with hundreds of startups to contextualize their products, writing 20-30 page whitepapers on over twenty technologies, and has presented to technical audiences, such as at BlackHat or Android Developers Conference. 

It was only natural that she bring her breadth of analysis to the public markets. In 2017, she met Knox Ridley who encouraged her to write for the public markets and to publish on sites such as Seeking Alpha. Ridley had read some of Beth’s analysis and was able to make informed trades based on the published information. As a long-time investor with a career that began in 2007, Ridley had been searching for a quality source on tech companies for nearly 12 years. After many frustrating dead-ends by either following product specialists who knew only one vertical or those who had no tech experience at all, he had finally discovered a resource that worked – which was Beth’s broad wealth of knowledge and objective approach to products. Ridley felt strongly that Kindig could provide what was missing in the public markets. 

Birth of Our Growth Stock Newsletter

In 2018, Beth began to write for Seeking Alpha and published a free newsletter. In the first week, five people signed up, and Seeking Alpha comments were harsh as she predicted Roku to be the next tech darling. The comments lashed out at her “what about Amazon? What about Google?” She also defied gravity and wrote on Facebook and the GDPR, stating there would be more trouble for the company ahead than what the market currently had priced in. Many readers quipped, “you want to stand in front of that train?”

Facebook went on to report the biggest one-day drop in market history two months after Beth’s analysis and is the lowest-performing FAANG stock since her coverage began, which is a mystery to those who are trained in free cash flow analysis. Eighteen months after her original coverage on Roku, the stock went on to become the top-performing stock in the S&P 500 in 2019. Notably, when Nvidia dropped over 60% from the crypto bust, Beth clearly spelled out why the company would become an AI winner when the words “AI” were nowhere to be found in the press. The rest is history, and by mid- 2019, she had earned her stripes in the public markets and currently has over 20,000 newsletter subscribers

I/O Fund Timeline, A Short Tale of Two Tech Portfolio Founders

In July of 2019, Beth asked Knox Ridley to launch a premium service with her. She felt she was capable of producing more than one free editorial a week. She felt that with her training she could write analyses that rivaled institutional analysts as they either have no experience in the tech industry or very narrow experience in one category. 

Kindig was aware after seeing Nvidia’s price action and others that a quality tech company can often experience immense volatility. She did not think it was responsible to provide analysis on tech stocks without some risk management. Ridley began to write technical analysis for the company, providing market context and risk/reward opportunities with the focus list of tech stocks Beth identified. He slowly built a model portfolio of Beth’s high conviction ideas, utilizing his experience of working with hundreds of portfolio managers between 2007 - 2013. 

In May of 2020, Beth Kindig and Knox Ridley combined their money into a portfolio that could be audited. They logged trades on a spreadsheet and discussed entries/exits on a simple plain text bbPHP forum. The company decided to move the forum over to hosted software that had built-in features such as Slack notifications and email notifications. There was an outpour in response to Knox’s trade notifications as investors asked to receive notifications to help them determine if the market was risk-off or risk-on and to also help gauge what Kindig and Ridley were doing with their own money during variable market conditions. In December of 2020, the hosted forum went down temporarily and the analysts' inboxes were flooded with complaints in a 24-hour period as subscribers were concerned they missed a notification. The team realized they should invest in their own custom dashboard for notifications independent of a third party. 

In April of 2021, the company rebranded as I/O Fund from Beth.Technology and released their first audited results which were 115.5% for the 8-month period in 2020. This narrowly beat Ark Innovation and other popular tech funds. The company released a second audit for the 1-year performance starting with the portfolio’s inception of May 9, 2020, with returns of plus YTD through July 31st. 

In the company's third audit, I/O Fund bested Wall Street funds with a 236% 1-year return from inception through May 7, 2021, and a YTD return of 28% through July 31. Starting November 18, 2021, you can read the full Press Release announcement here.

These three audits have made it clear that a Retail portfolio is able to compete with Wall Street’s very best on tech stocks and that the I/O Fund has a bright future ahead.

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The I/O Fund publishes a free weekly tech stock analysis newsletter to a community of over 23,000+ stock investors who have seen gains of up to 1150% to date just from our FREE stocks analysis.

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