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Beth Kindig

Beth Kindig has ten years of experience in competitive analysis and product analysis in the tech industry dating back to 2011. Considering tech growth stocks took off after the financial crisis, she is an experienced professional in every sense of the word. Her tech conference appearances date back to 2014 and her analysis began garnering press in the same year. She is known for making bold calls on tech stocks and offers a weekly free analysis that leverages her ten years of experience in the private markets. It is not only the big gains she has achieved with individual stocks but also the quality and consistency of her analysis.

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Knox Ridley

Knox Ridley began consulting on portfolios in 2007 and is an experienced growth investor in both bull and bear markets, which is hard to find these days. As the portfolio manager of the I/O Fund, he beat the top-performing funds on Wall Street in both 2020 and in 2021. His real-time trade notifications to premium subscribers have garnered 35 entries with over 100% gains in the last two years. Knox began his career as an ETF wholesaler in 2007 before becoming a portfolio consultant for large RIAs, FAs, and Institutional accounts. He is very keen on macro trends and is trained in Fibonacci Trading, Elliott Wave theory, as well as Gann Cycles. He also uses classical technical analysis to manage risk and identify great risk/reward setups. Knox is known for increasing and decreasing allocations for record-breaking returns.

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Bradley Cipriano

Bradley joined the I/O Fund in August 2021 after previously working as a forensic equity analyst at Gradient Analytics, where he focused on assessing the quality of revenue and earnings for both domestic and internationally listed stocks for institutional asset managers. 

Bradley has been able to utilize his strong accounting background to identify issues and concerns that the Street may be overlooking, such as low-quality earnings beats and unsustainable revenue growth.

He received his BS degree in accountancy from the W.A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University. Bradley is a licensed CPA in the state of Arizona and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder.

Royston Roche

Royston Roche has over a decade of experience in the capital markets. He started his career with Infosys BPM where he worked for its clients BNY Mellon and Deutsche Bank. Later he has worked with various investors, research companies, and investment firms. Royston is known for his thoughtful and fair analysis of stocks. He is an expert in fundamental analysis and his investing style is buy-and-hold strategy. Royston has done MBA (Finance) from ICFAI University.

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