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Cumulative Returns Since Inception: 131%

The I/O Fund's cumulative return outperforms the Nasdaq-100's 82% return during the same period*

  • The I/O Fund’s cumulative returns outperformed the Nasdaq-100 by 49% and outperformed the S&P 500 by 68%.
  • Since inception, the I/O Fund has a lead over institutional technology portfolios by as much as 157%.
  • An investment of $10,000 with the I/O Fund's picks versus other all-tech portfolios at inception, the difference would be a portfolio value of $23,052 with IOF versus $8,982 with institutional tech-focused portfolios. The difference in value is 157%

*The I/O Fund is a research site that manages a portfolio in real-time. Annual results are audited by a 3rd party accounting firm for verification. For more information, reference the comparison chart →

I/O Fund outperformed popular tech-focused innovation funds in 2020, 2020-2021, 2021, 2022 and 2023. Read about our 2023 results here.

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I/O Fund outperformed Institutional All-Tech Portfolios in 2023

The I/O Fund portfolio posted returns of 56.9% in 2023. If we were an ETF, mutual fund or hedge fund, our ranking would be #4 in the Wall Street’s Journal Winners’ Circle ranking of 1,191 funds.

The I/O Fund grew to prominence in 2023 due to famously calling Nvidia an AI stock in 2018 and repeating the thesis over 25 times including Tier 1 media appearances. In 2021, the firm publicly stated that Nvidia would surpass Apple to become the world’s most valuable company. At the time, this was inconceivable.

An investment of $10,000 with the I/O Fund's picks versus other all-tech portfolios at inception, the difference would be a portfolio value of $23,052 with IOF versus $8,982 with institutional tech-focused portfolios. The difference in value is 157%,compress
I/O Fund

The Power of Risk Management

I/O Fund owes its lead over other all-tech portfolios to technical analysis.

Portfolio Manager, Knox Ridley’s manages the portfolio in real-time, providing readers with weekly webinars, trade alerts and charts to show where the I/O Fund plans to buy and sell key positions. His active management style has led to an exemplary period of outperformance during some of the more volatile years in technology investing.

In 2022, Ridley used an automated hedge to drive outperformance.

"The million-dollar or even billion-dollar question that has yet to be answered is how to not simply participate in tech, which anyone can do, but rather how to safely participate in tech. The I/O Fund set out to be the first to answer this question, which is why our returns significantly outperform buy-and-hold strategies,"

Ridley is known for creatively managing high-risk assets, including long-term positions such as Bitcoin, Nvidia, as well as temporary positions such as Super Micro’s meteoric rise in 2024, which he closed with over 200% gains from our original entry in mid-2023.

He issues real-time trade alerts to research subscribers for every stock entry and exit plus offers a pie chart of the portfolio’s allocations. Investors gain access to Knox's risk management strategies when they register for Advanced Market Signals.

About Us

Behind I/O Fund's Excellent Portfolio Gains

I/O Fund owes its lead to research from rare talent, Beth Kindig

Lead Tech Analyst, Beth Kindig, is a veteran of Silicon Valley, who is regularly featured in Tier 1 media, including FOX business, CNBC, and Bloomberg. Her deep-dive research and systematic fundamental analysis have helped the firm:

  • Build its highest allocations in the complex semiconductor industry, which was the best-performing sector in tech in 2021, 2022, and 2023.
  • Impeccable timing on Nvidia and other AI stocks led to the I/O Fund having one of the highest allocations to AI on record at 45%. Previously, the firm was early to cloud in 2019, then rotated into AI in 2022.

“We are unrivaled when it comes to choosing artificial intelligence winners. Nvidia was our highest allocation, yet there are many other AI winners the I/O Fund is poised to capture. We beat Wall Street to an explosive moment for AI and we plan to beat Wall Street again to other AI leaders,”

Kindig is often featured in Tier 1 media including Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business News for the quality of her research -- these coveted spots are reserved for only for the very best analysts in Wall Street.  

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I/O Fund

I/O Fund Cumulative Returns of 131% More Than Double the S&P 500.

The I/O Fund’s cumulative returns of 131% have more than doubled the S&P 500 since our inception and are 157% better than institutional all-tech portfolios. The team is dedicated every day to continue outperforming the large corporations I/O Fund competes with.,compress
I/O Fund

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The mission statement of the I/O Fund is to bring the accountability that institutional investors demand to retail investors.

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Thank you Beth, you are awesome

Beth, your analysis is second to none. When I saw your FOX News interview on YouTube, I had to check out your company and become an I/O Fund member.  I also love how you take complex technical topics and explain them in simple terms that everyday folks like me can understand.  Wishing your I/O fund can ride this AI story to new heights. So glad you stared your own company.

NVIDIA now vs. Apple 20 years ago - For individual investors, diversification is a myth.  Retail investors don't have time to follow and analyze X number of stocks in Y number of fields, just in the name of diversification.  20 years ago, I had thousands of Apple shares.  I didn't know what I was doing, so every time it made a little money, I sold a little AAPL. I also tried to be too cute with covered calls.  I was in the boat to the promise land and I jumped out.  I missed the boat.   If I had kept all my shares, I could've retired by now.

NVIDIA is now my second chance.  I had bought some NVIDIA in 2021 and 2022 and more in Dec of 2023  when I sold all my other stocks and just bought NVIDIA.   Now 100%+ of my stock portfolio is NVIDIA (including 1200 on margin).  Plan to hold this for the next 5-10 years.

When we marry, we marry one person.  When we get a pet, we get one pet, maybe two.  When we work, we work for one employer at a time.   So yeah, I believe in Jensen Huang the way I believed in Steve Jobs.  For me, while it is very tempting to sell NVIDIA and buy other AI related companies. I am sticking with NVIDIA.

I love your analysis on the whole AI wave.  No one does it as well as your firm.  Thank you for all you do and who you are.


PS - no reply necessary.

Alex S
Subscriber since February 2024
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Dear Beth, I don’t know if you will ever see this email because I am sure you receive more than “your fair share of emails” every week but I wanted to write you to say to you and your team “Thank you!”. Thank you for all the work you put into the wonderful emails you send out as well as the Thursday afternoon webinars. I love the way you write those emails and appreciate each one I receive. They are not just “thrown together” but are very thoroughly thought out and full of information that I can use. You folks are making a real difference in peoples’ lives and I, my wife, our children and grand children will be affected by your work for many years to come. Knox’s webinar is EXCELLENT and I look forward to watching it each week. I watched your whole interview last night with Jordi Visser and it was so good and full of information that I don’t hear others saying- so thank you!

Last but not least, I got SO EXCITED when you mentioned you were looking into possibly starting an ETF-please, please do. We need it. It would be so wonderful to be able to put money into an ETF knowing the kind of work you folks do. I spend hours a week studying, researching stocks, etc. but I also have a business I run and love that keeps me busy as well so this would help people like me out tremendously! I will put money in it on day one! 😊

Thank you again for all you do and also for the humility you do it with. It is extremely refreshing to see. The lives you folks are already touching and the many you will touch in the future I know will give you the greatest satisfaction of anything you do. I am so grateful that my family and I are a part of the people you are touching.

Bob D
Subscriber since February 2024
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Knox, I know I already said it recently, but I'm going to say it again: bravo and thank you. That last weekly webinar you did on February 29th was quite possibly the best bit of education I've had about the market ever. So many light bulbs are going on for me about how all the different market forces interact with each other.

I also especially liked your zoom out onto the Supercycle and why LTBH has been successful in the past and will likely be less successful in the future. This strikes me as a very important piece of information that's going to affect everyone who is blindly putting their money into index funds every month.

Anyway, thank you very much for your attention to detail and your willingness to share all your research with us. Whatever your motivation for doing so, I hope you continue to find it fulfilling and stick around with I/O Fund for the long term.


Bobby H
Subscriber since 2023
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I've been following you for the past one year or so and confidently can say there is no one equal nor can they match up to you. I like the fact that you analyze equities with clarity and explain in simple terms unlike the bombastic Wall Street analysts.
Thank you and so grateful for your inputs.🙏

Babi A
Subscriber since March 2023
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Fantastic article. Real in-depth and a learning opportunity for us investors. Thanks to you and your team I’ve made a lot of money on NVDA. I first bought in at 2017. Then in 2018 I read an excellent book called AI Superpowers and I doubled my position. Then when you wrote that ground breaking article and spelled it all out how NVDA will become the most valuable company in the world in a few years I went all in. NVDA’s now represents 37% of my whole portfolio and I have no plans to sell any shares. Just add on any substantial dips. Keep up the great work!

Stewart G
Subscriber since December 2020
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Shout out to @Beth_Kindig You laid out perfectly why $META was a buy on Making Money yesterday. I now some of the audience bought the stock or held. You are one of the best tech analyst/investors in the best...period!

Charles V Payne
American Fox Business Network financial journalist
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I/O Fund Media
Kindig: Nvidia is heading towards a $10 trillion market cap
May 28, 2024
.by Beth Kindig

Kindig: Nvidia is heading towards a $10 trillion market cap

Beth Kindig, Lead Tech Analyst at the I/O Fund, discusses Nvidia's market-cap outlook following its stock surge last week.

I/O Fund's Kindig: Nvidia to Become $10T Company
May 23, 2024
.by Beth Kindig
I/O Fund's Kindig: Nvidia to Become $10T Company

Beth Kindig, Lead Tech Analyst at I/O Fund, says Nvidia's valuation remains low and the company's earnings report bodes well for the overall AI industry. She discusses the data with David Ingles and Yvonne Man on "Bloomberg: The China Show."

Nvidia, AMD's new chips spice up AI race for data centers
June 3, 2024
.by Beth Kindig

Nvidia, AMD's new chips spice up AI race for data centers

Nvidia (NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) introduced their latest generation of AI chips — Nvidia's Ruben and AMD's MI325X accelerator — as the chip giants accelerate into a new product cycle. I/O Fund Lead Tech Analyst Beth Kindig joins The Morning Brief to comment on the market share these chip leaders have room to acquire as they roll out more of these products in the tightening AI race.
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