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In today's fast-paced financial world, staying ahead of market trends is crucial for any serious investor. A stock market newsletter can be an invaluable tool, offering expert analysis, timely insights, and actionable advice. With the increasing complexity of the stock market, having a trusted source of information can make all the difference in your investment strategy.

At I/O Fund, our stock market newsletter provides investors with high-quality research and insights, particularly focused on tech growth stocks. Our team, led by experienced analysts Beth Kindig and Knox Ridley, helps you navigate the volatile tech sector with confidence and make informed investment decisions.

Why Subscribe to a Stock Market Newsletter?

A quality stock market newsletter provides numerous benefits. Firstly, it offers access to expert analysis and insights that are often not available to the general public. These insights can help investors make informed decisions, identify market trends, and capitalize on opportunities. Additionally, a well-curated newsletter keeps you updated on the latest developments, ensuring you never miss out on critical information.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, a stock market newsletter is a valuable resource that can enhance your investment approach. Weekly investment newsletters and stock analysis newsletters are particularly beneficial for those looking to stay on top of market movements and tech stock trends. At I/O Fund, our newsletter stands out due to its comprehensive coverage and deep dives into the most promising tech stocks.

What Sets I/O Fund’s Stock Market Newsletter Apart?

At I/O Fund, we specialize in tech growth stocks, offering a newsletter that stands out for its depth and quality of analysis. Our lead tech analyst, Beth Kindig, along with portfolio manager Knox Ridley, brings years of experience and a proven track record of success. Our newsletter provides subscribers with in-depth stock analysis, transparent performance records, and exclusive insights into the latest trends in AI, cloud computing, and other high-growth tech sectors.

Beth Kindig has over ten years of experience in competitive analysis and product analysis in the tech industry. Known for making bold calls on tech stocks, Beth uses a unique methodology to form a thesis, making her one of the best tech analysts in the market. Her analysis began garnering press in 2014, and she has since been published in Forbes, MarketWatch, and Venture Beat, among others. Beth's weekly newsletter leverages her decade of experience to provide individual investors with the same quality of information as institutions.

Knox Ridley, the portfolio manager at I/O Fund, has been consulting on portfolios since 2007 and is known for his expertise in both bull and bear markets. Knox has a keen understanding of macro trends and uses technical analysis to manage risk and identify great investment opportunities. He is trained in Fibonacci Trading, Elliott Wave theory, as well as Gann Cycles. As the portfolio manager of the I/O Fund, he beat the top-performing funds on Wall Street in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. His real-time trade notifications to premium subscribers have garnered over 30 entries with over 100% gains. Knox began his career as an ETF wholesaler in 2007 before becoming a portfolio consultant for large RIAs, FAs, and Institutional accounts. His real-time trade notifications offer premium subscribers valuable insights and strategies to maximize returns while managing risk.

Our track record speaks for itself. Here are some notable wins from the I/O Fund portfolio:

  • The I/O Fund has cumulative returns of 131% and a lead over institutional technology portfolios by as much as 157% since inception.
  • We posted returns of 57% in 2023. If we were an ETF, mutual fund or hedge fund, our ranking would be #4 in the Wall Street Journal’s Winners’ Circle ranking of 1,191 funds.
  • In 2023, we had five positions with returns over 100% and seven positions beat the Nasdaq. Many were held at high allocations.
  • The I/O Fund had a 45% allocation to AI going into 2023, one of the highest on record. Today, the AI allocation is higher with many lesser-known names.
  • Issued 9 trade alerts for Nvidia under $200. Provided over 25 analyses on Nvidia’s AI thesis before the market caught on.
  • Recently, closed Super Micro with an average gain of 275% from the original entry in mid-2023.
  • Stellar record on Bitcoin, buying between $7K to $10K, trimming at $58K, buying again $20K to $30K for the recent rally to $70K+. All entries and exits are sent as trade alerts.
  • We were early to the cloud in 2019, then rotated into AI in 2022 with a 45% allocation in 2023.
  • Released an automated hedge in 2022 to stave off losses during a historic selloff in the tech sector. It is now a part of our risk management process, which is fully available to our readers. 
  • Picked the leading sectors in 2021: semiconductors and blockchain.
  • Picked the two top-performing cloud stocks in 2021 (DDOG and ASAN)
  • Picked the best-performing asset with a large market cap in 2021 (ETH)
  • Picked the best stock in the S&P 500 in 2019 (ROKU)
  • Has beaten other tech-focused funds in every audit since the portfolio’s inception.

In addition to these achievements, I/O Fund has consistently beaten other tech-focused funds in every audit since the portfolio’s inception. This remarkable performance is a testament to the expertise and strategic approach of our analysts. Our subscribers gain access to exclusive reports, market analysis, and investment strategies that are tailored to navigate the complexities of the tech industry. By joining our newsletter, you align yourself with a community of informed investors who prioritize quality research and long-term growth.

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In the competitive world of stock investing, staying informed is key to achieving success. A stock market newsletter from a trusted source like I/O Fund can provide you with the insights and analysis needed to stay ahead of the curve. Our expert team offers detailed research and actionable advice on tech growth stocks, helping you navigate the market with confidence.

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