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Netflix: Coronavirus Cements The Company as Untouchable

Last week in Forbes, I explained why Netflix will remain the leader in the OTT market.

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Google And Facebook Stock: Is Weak Ad Demand Priced In?

In a recent article, I pointed out that ad-tech may have a long road ahead before previous levels of demand return. Despite increased usage, Facebook, Google and Twitte...

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Can Uber Become Profitable This Year? Deep-Dive Analysis

Last March, I wrote a deep dive analysis on Uber and its ability to turn a profit this year. Despite the coronavirus causing the company to cut back operations nation-wide with declines of up to 80% in ride-sharing volume, Uber is receiving analyst upgrades based on the company’s variable cost structure

April 15, 2020,format

New Age Of Stock Market Volatility Driven By Machines

Throughout the generations, there have been world wars, depressions, recessions and financial market implosions, but this is the first market to be whipsawed by machines. What’s driving the intensity is algorithms which puts wealth preservation at stake as retirement funds compete against quant traders.

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Zoom Video Analysis From Long-Time Bull

I recently discussed Zoom Video and its continued phenomenal rise. In the face of a global pandemic, the company has become the top performing stock on the NASDAQ this ...

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Algorithms led to the fastest bear market in stock market history

Last week, I wrote about how algorithms led to the fastest bear market in history. I explained that what’s driving the speed and severity of the bear market is the esca...

April 01, 2020
RSA 2020 Recap

Cybersecurity Stocks: Consolidation Likely In Near Term

Cybersecurity stocks were on a roller coaster ride in 2019 months before the coronavirus took hold. Last year saw exhilarating highs and sudden drops in stocks such as Crowdstrike and Zscaler with both losing nearly fifty percent of their market cap from August to October

April 01, 2020,format

Disney Earning Preview: Disney Plus Ranks High On App Store

Disney earnings tomorrow will report subscriber numbers for its OTT-streaming service tomorrow in what is perhaps the most anticipated earnings report of the week. One day after the launch, Disney announced that Disney Plus had attracted 10 million subscribers.

February 07, 2020
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