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Top 5 Security Risks for Connected Cars

Top 5 Security Risks for Connected Cars

The global market for connected cars will grow by 270% by 2022 with 125 million passenger cars expected to ship worldwide between 2018 and 2022.1 By 2020, it’s estimate...

June 13, 2018
Data Security for IOT

Who is Responsible for the Data Security of 50 Billion IoT Connections?

This article originally appeared on, the International Association of Privacy Professionals. “No matter what happens, don’t panic,” were the words used by hack...

June 13, 2018
Mobile Device Security

How Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing Changed Security

Prior to the advent of mobile computing, security was limited to corporate IT assets that were often physically secured in facilities owned and managed by the company. ...

June 12, 2018
Ways Hackers attack mobile devices

5 Ways Hackers Attack Mobile Devices and Applications

Hackers go about achieving their goals with reverse engineering software to find vulnerabilities they can exploit, data they can extract, or ways to modify the software...

June 12, 2018
On the Go Enertainment

New Trends in On-the-Go Entertainment for Flights and Cars

An Infographic on Key Trends in On-the-Go Entertainment:

June 12, 2018

What Alphabet Won’t Tell You About the GDPR

Summary: This analysis answers the following questions:

May 31, 2018
roku logo

Long on Roku – Even if they Miss Q1 Earnings

Summary:Despite knee jerk volatility, Roku will become a large cap stock in OTT (over-the-top) within 2-5 years. While Pay TV operators continue to bleed subscribers, R...

May 08, 2018
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