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Why I'm Stacking Satoshis

Last July, I began covering bitcoin. The premise was based on three phases for widespread adoption: institutional adoption, global economic uncertainty, and mobile paym...

June 18, 2020,format&rect=0,0,1280,853&w=1280&h=853

Investing in Tech Stocks (Podcast)

The average cloud software company reported 10% growth during the 2008-2009 recession. Meanwhile, we’ve seen the market react harshly towards companies guiding for 25% ...

June 11, 2020,format

Will We See Another Dot-Com Crash In Tech?

The saying “history does not repeat but it rhymes” has not yet applied to the dot-com bubble, when five years of euphoria burst into a 78% drop in prices over two years. Tech has largely gone unscathed as it has bumped oil from being the number one industry.

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Playing Defense With Cloud Software Stocks

Paul Tudor Jones is one of many money managers who believes that protecting your money is more important than making it. In my latest article, I discussed this very con...

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The Trade Desk: Effects of Lower Ad Demand In 2020

Last week I wrote an article explaining why I’m pivoting away from the bull thesis for The Trade Desk for 2020.

May 07, 2020
Will Roku Go Boom Or Bust in 2020?

Will Roku Go Boom Or Bust In 2020?

I recently wrote a report analyzing the future of Roku in 2020. My guess is investors will get Roku’s story wrong again this year as the company must choose between its...

May 07, 2020,format&rect=0,0,1281,894&w=1281&h=894

Slack Set To Accelerate From Coronavirus And Work-From-Home

Last week, I wrote about Slack’s product-market fit, and why it's set to continue thriving in the work-from-home trend.

May 01, 2020,format&rect=0,0,1280,720&w=1280&h=720

Netflix: Coronavirus Cements The Company as Untouchable

Last week in Forbes, I explained why Netflix will remain the leader in the OTT market.

April 27, 2020
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