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Facebook Cambridge Analytica

Facebook's Challenges Are Much Bigger Than Cambridge Analytica

Next month, when General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) take effect, there will be a seismic shift across many technology stocks reflecting a private data drought. Fac...

April 17, 2018
cloud artificial intelligent cars

How Driverless Cars will put Mobile Security to the Test?

As GM CEO Mary Barra said in a keynote speech, “A cyber incident is a problem for every automaker in the world. It is a matter of public safety.” As Tesla, GM and many ...

February 28, 2018
Cryptocurrency Enterprises

Are FinTech Solutions Safe on Mobile?

We live in a digital world where almost everything we touch is being stored on servers, the cloud or in mobile applications. Technologists push for the adoption of digi...

February 23, 2018
Mobile Device Security

Should We Build a Backdoor into Mobile Devices?

Two years ago the San Bernardino shooting stirred a debate within the security community regarding warrant-proof encryption. The debate, known as “mobile backdoor acces...

February 22, 2018
Are Technologists Ready for the Data Commodity of Ambient Intelligence?

Are Technologists Ready for the Data Commodity of Ambient Intelligence?

Savvy consumers today are aware that marketers and corporate companies mine personal data from mobile phones and computers, sourced primarily from search engines, socia...

February 13, 2018
The magnitude of risk associated with IoT medical devices is a gripping proposition

IoT Medical Devices: Our Scariest Security Threat Yet

IoT medical devices may be our scariest security threat yet. Implanted devices such as pacemakers draw big headlines for security threats. However, there are 36,000 oth...

February 01, 2018
Cybersecurity threat grows as manufacturers begin to release vehicles.

Cybersecurity in Connected Vehicles Becomes Safety Feature for New Cars

New car firms such as Tesla are promoting increasingly high-tech features that require a connection to the internet, which has propelled cybersecurity in connected vehi...

February 01, 2018
Hot Startups in IoT

Hot Startups in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enjoyed a lot of attention from analysts and researchers who expect the number of IoT connections to surpass the human population this ...

January 19, 2018
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