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I/O Fund’s Ad-tech Q4 2021 Earnings Overview

Ad-tech is a cash efficient industry with a healthy rebound when economic activity recovers. Ad-tech earnings will be critical for the broader tech landscape, and major players such as Google, Facebook and Snap Inc. have reported this week. Google was the first to report, and sales grew 32% during the quarter, which “reflected broad-based strength in advertiser spend and strong consumer online activity” according to Google CFO Ruth Porat.

February 04, 2022,format

I/O Fund’s preview of 7 Ad-Tech stocks for Q4 Earnings

Google parent Alphabet’s results have further renewed optimism in the stock market as the company beat analysts’ revenue estimates by 4.9% and EPS by 13%. It was led by the growth in advertising and cloud revenues. Advertising revenue grew by 33% to $61.24 billion. The company also announced the 20-for-1 stock split.

February 04, 2022,format

Microsoft, Tesla and Apple's Strong Results Are Great for Tech Stocks

I/O Fund Tech Analyst Bradley Cipriano discusses Microsoft, Tesla and Apple's latest results and what they mean for the broader tech market.

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I/O Fund’s Cloud Q4 2021 Earnings Overview

Cloud reports in two waves, with the first wave of Q4 earnings ramping this week. Microsoft was the first to report on January 25th, and strength in cloud sales helped the company beat expectations. Specifically, Azure and other cloud services revenue increased 46% YoY in the quarter, which drove consolidated sales growth of 20% YoY, beating topline estimates by 2%.

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I/O Fund’s Preview of 7 Cloud Stocks for Q4 Earnings

IBM released upbeat results recently as the company beat consensus analysts’ revenue estimates by $740 million and adjusted EPS by $0.06. Even though IBM is not a pure-play cloud company, it has increased its focus in the cloud segment to stay in the race.

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I/O Fund’s Semiconductor Q4 2021 Earnings Preview

TSMC broke off Q4 semiconductor earnings after it reported on 01/13/22. Sales at the massive foundry pure play grew 21% YoY in Q4, and net income increased 16%, setting the stage for a strong earnings season for the semiconductor industry. In the analysis that follows, I give a brief overview of the semiconductor industry and discuss key metrics that investors should be aware of heading in Q4 earnings.

January 21, 2022,format

I/O Fund’s Preview of 7 Semiconductor Stocks Ahead of Q4 Earnings

It is the first of the series of earnings previews for Q4. We chose Lam Research, AMD, Teradyne, Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, and Qualcomm for the Semiconductor sector. To understand valuations across semis and how the sector is positioned moving into earnings, please reference our analysis, “I/O Fund’s Semiconductor Q4 2021 Earnings Preview.”

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Snowflake Accelerates In Revenue While Growth Stocks Sell Off

I/O Fund recently initiated a position on Snowflake given its performance in revenue growth, net retention rate, and percent gain since becoming public over a year ago.

January 18, 2022
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