Blogs -I/O Fund Blows Away Competition on One-Year and 2021 YTD Returns

I/O Fund Blows Away Competition on One-Year and 2021 YTD Returns

November 18, 2021

I/O Fund


I/O Fund Announces Impressive 1-Year and 2021 YTD Returns

Actively managed fund surpasses competitors, including those backed by major corporations

November 15, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (originally published on Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--I/O Fund, an actively managed tech portfolio that provides in-depth stock investing research and real-time trade alerts for retail investors, announces a 236% 1-year return from its inception through May 7, 2021*, and a year-to-date cumulative return of 28% through July 31. Both figures do not include dividends. These results, confirmed through recently completed independent audits, reflect I/O Fund’s record as a performance leader in actively managed funds.

I/O Fund credits much of the positive gains to being first to trends across blockchain, semiconductors, cloud and ad-tech, and being confident in holding high allocations of up to 21% in a single category. The fund’s performance across three reviews in its first 18 months is reflective of the company’s fluency with the ever-expanding tech landscape and ability to form a winning portfolio.

I/O Fund’s team of experts championed how to add Bitcoin to a stock portfolio in 2019 and properly allocated to this asset. The fund saw gains from these assets in February through early May, trimmed in the $52,000 to $58,000 region and then began to buy back into the asset when it was valued between $31,000 and $40,000. Entries and exits are shared with premium subscribers in real-time. I/O Fund’s analysts saw long-term value in cryptocurrency, sticking with the investments despite drawdowns of 40% to 50%.

The company also built a leading Nvidia position starting in 2019 with a 9% allocation to-date by using in-depth technical stock analysis to predict Nvidia would become an AI leader in the data center. This analysis was highly contested as Nvidia had declining data center revenue in 2019 when the I/O Fund built this key position.

“At I/O Fund, we believe tech requires a lead analyst with direct yet broad experience in the industry,” said Beth Kindig, founder and CEO of I/O Fund, who also serves as the company’s lead tech analyst. “This makes our investment strategy more advanced and can lead to higher returns.”

I/O Fund’s performance over its first year blew away the competition. Its portfolio return of 236% bested the closest institutional competitor by more than 100% and other funds by even larger margins over the May 9, 2020, to May 7, 2021, time frame.

The 2021 YTD report proves that I/O Fund kept its momentum as a leader in researching and forecasting tech growth stocks. Its 28% return, amid a difficult year for tech stocks, either tied or surpassed every other competitor.

“Conviction is key to sticking with a company over the long-haul, regardless of drawdowns; however, the market will always tell you what sectors and stocks are being favored today, which is where we shift focus,” said Knox Ridley, Portfolio Manager of I/O Fund. “We use relative strength screens to add to winners, as well as technical analysis to help us reduce risk when sentiment appears to be shifting.”

Kindig and her team credit I/O Fund’s retail influence to its growing, passionate base of stock newsletter and premium subscribers. The team is dedicated every day to continue outperforming the large corporations I/O Fund competes with.

“We are all trained to believe that ‘smart money’ knows more than retail,” Kindig noted. “However, we wanted to test that notion by forming a small team of experts who care very much about their chosen specialty. The market knows how to keep you humble and so we will continually strive to improve. We are not only a site that celebrates the wins, but we also show you how we manage losses – all in real-time.”

"The market knows how to keep you humble and so we will continually strive to improve. We are not only a site that celebrates the wins, but we also show you how we manage losses – all in real-time.” - Beth Kindig

I/O Fund hired an independent accounting firm to conduct all three audits. It reviewed statements dating back to May 2020 from the fund’s brokerage and blockchain accounts and found no discrepancies.

For more information about I/O Fund, please visit

This press release article was originally published via on November 15, 2021, 09:00 AM ET and featured in MarketWatch.

*Corrections: We had a 236% 1-year return from inception through May 7, 2021, not May 7, 2020.

You can learn more about the IO Fund’s 2021 performance here. In it, we discuss which trends worked for our investment strategy, and how we pick winners in the different tech industries. We also discuss our crypto strategy: YO/LO, which stands for “You Only Live Once” to help encourage our readers enter the cryptocurrency market.

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I/O Fund is an actively managed portfolio that offers in-depth research within and real-time trades. We specialize in tech microtrends and have outperformed popular tech-focused innovation funds since our inception in 2020 with audited performance results. I/O Fund empowers retail investors by offering a transparent portfolio alongside institution-level research and real-time notification of entries and exits. We also offer a free public newsletter with past stock coverage that included Roku at $33, Zoom at $137 and Nvidia at $31.50. Premium members are notified of lower entries, including Zoom at $62 and Bitcoin at $7,700.

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