Blogs -Webinar Replay: When Will Tech Stocks Bounce Back? 

Webinar Replay: When Will Tech Stocks Bounce Back? 

July 06, 2022


Beth Kindig

Lead Tech Analyst

Lead Tech Analyst Beth Kindig joined YCharts this week for a webinar to discuss the question on everyone’s mind: When will tech stocks bounce back?

In this 1-hour webinar, Beth answers the question that is on everyone’s mind: When will growth be back in favor? She also discusses the changes we’re seeing in the top 5 tech stocks, and what FAANGs are most likely to see all-time highs again.

The tech industry is not immune to the supply chain issues that many industries are currently facing. The trickle down effect impacts every aspect of the tech industry - from semiconductors to ad-tech to cloud, and more. Supply chains are expected to ease in Q3, and growth headwinds will dissipate even if economic headwinds persist. Beth notes that these two factors are equal if not greater than rising rates from the FED.

While Meta and Netflix had flat returns over the last four years, other FAANGs are up 200% in the same time period. Beth discusses how Microsoft (MSFT) will likely continue to be in the lead with hybrid cloud computing due to the company’s penetration with the Fortune 500 and large enterprises. As digital migration continues to occur across cloud, costs of those migrations also continue to rise. Microsoft stands out as a potential solution to this problem, with the ability to drive down costs across the full cloud stack.

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View the full webinar to find out Beth’s second favorite FAANG, and the companies she believes could be the next FAANGs.

The I/O Fund team uses a combination of Fundamental and Technical analysis to form a well-rounded thesis. Beth explains the tools that the I/O Fund team of analysts use, and the multi-layered automated risk management strategy that the team has developed.

Lastly, Beth holds an open Q&A about the current state of tech stocks, how the I/O Fund balances top line with the bottom line, and how the I/O Fund handles risk management during intense tech sell-offs.

Watch the webinar replay below. You can also download the slide deck here.

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