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Podcast on Cloud Stocks: Consumption Model Vs. Subscription Model

In October, we talked with Jeremy Owens of MarketWatch on a Barron's podcast about the consumption model versus the subscription model. With Snowflake reporting this week, it's a good time to revisit the differences. Across cloud reports, Snowflake reported one of the highest rates of variability between Q3 and Q4 from 67% growth to an estimated 50% growth in Q4. This is likely due to the lumpiness of the consumption model. After reading through the report

December 02, 2022

Nvidia Stock: Evidence Gaming Bottomed And Why It’s Important

The new Ada Lovelace architecture uses 76 billion transistors and a 4nm production process. In the keynote, the CEO stated: ‘Nvidia engineers worked closely with TSMC to create the 4N process optimized for GPUs. This process let us integrate 76 billion transistors and over 18,000 CUDA cores, 70% more than the Ampere generation.’

November 29, 2022

The Low is in for Bonds, As Well As Most Stocks (For Now)

Last week, the market went through one of the largest intraday swings since the bear market began in 2022. Since then, we have reclaimed that high. The question is: what does this mean for the market in the long term?

November 11, 2022

We'll know this week if the low is in

Capitulation seems to be taking hold in many tech stocks, specifically in the SaaS/Cloud space. The market has been trained to look to tech, specifically FAANGs, as the sector to lead. However, what is likely happening is a seismic rotation into new leaders, as fear and a dwindling growth outlook has money fleeing to safety and quality. We dive into what this means for tech in the coming bounce?

November 10, 2022

FAANGs are not Leading this Market Lower

Panic selling commenced in the broad market after the FED's recent attempt to stop a rally. Interestingly, the bond market doesn't seem to buy it, nor do many key value stocks in the U.S. The divergences we have been discussing for weeks are only growing. These divergences are not what you see prior to a deep drop in the market, instead they tend to signal a trend reversal that is developing. The good news about yesterday is that if the market can move back above the 3912 level, which was the high going into speach, then we have a clear signal that inflation and rate hikes are fully being discounted as we setup for a larger rally.

November 04, 2022

Meta Stock: The rising expenses and Capex are worrying

Meta shares nosedived 25% after the company's recent Q3 results. Meta's expenses are rising and the company is seeing softer revenue growth and softer margins. The slowing advertisement revenue has forced the company to look for new investments and the market is doubting when or if these investments will pay off.

November 04, 2022

Netflix Stock Will Be A FAANG Again

Netflix lost it’s status as a FAANG when the stock fell from a $300 billion market cap to a $100 billion market cap this year. My firm entered Netflix in August as we fully expect the stock to become a FAANG again due to its revenue potential from ads and improving cash profile.

November 01, 2022

This Bear Market Rally has much Further to Go

Markets do not top together, nor do they bottom together. For this reason, identifying the leading markets can help you stay ahead of the trend. We continue to see evidence of these divergences, which is suggesting a meaningful low is being put in. While everyone is focused on Big Tech making new lows, they are failing to see that new leadership is pushing the market forward. Bellow, we look at the mounting evidence that this rally could extend farther than most think, and also provide the levels to watch so that you can manage risk just in case the bear market continues to new lows.

October 28, 2022
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